All of our classrooms are bright and spacious. Each classroom has its own daily plan designed to meet the goals of development in areas such as art, math, games,
science, circle time, sensory exploration, problem-solving, language development, literature, large and small motor development, dramatic play, and music.

We feel that a developmentally appropriate curriculum that is guided by the children's interests will help foster their inquisitiveness. Planned topics and activities are posted
in each classroom's monthly newsletter.

We are a peanut-free school. BDC provides a healthy snack in the morning and one in the afternoon for all classrooms except for the Infant room.

INFANT ROOM: 8 weeks to 12 months

Our Infant program was created to offer infants a safe and loving atmosphere to grow and develop away from home. We understand that each baby grows at his or her own unique pace. It is for this reason we have designed the environment to provide infants with a variety of developmentally appropriate activities and toys. As your child grows, he or she will develop his or her own schedule of feeding, sleeping, and playing. We work with you to ensure that we maintain your child’s individual schedule.

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CRUISER ROOM: 12 to 18 months

The Cruiser room is designed to prepare infants to enter the world of toddlerhood ready and able to take on all that the Toddler rooms can
offer. We will be working towards a scheduled day, but as new Cruisers enter they may not be ready to eat and sleep at the same time as the rest of the school. It is for this reason that the Cruiser schedule is more flexible and follows each individual child’s needs. The policies for the classroom are halfway between the Infant room procedures and the Toddler room procedures.

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TODDLER 1: 18 to 24 months

Our Toddler 1 room offers your child a scheduled day filled with a balance of active physical movement and an age-appropriate curriculum. Your child will learn how the world works by observing and interacting with objects at his or her own pace. We have created an environment
with dedicated, loving teachers who provide a safe place where children can move freely and actively explore while learning.

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TODDLEr 2: 24 to 33 months

Our Toddler 2 room provides a mix of structured and unstructured activities that are sure to keep your child busy. We balance the day with physical activities and an age-appropriate curriculum in a more structured environment than the Toddler 1 room. Your child will be learning
new skills such as: using the potty, dressing and undressing, and making choices for themselves. Our staff will be working alongside
your child as he or she becomes a preschooler.

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Preschool: 33 months to 4 years

Aside from the developmental goals mentioned above, our preschool teachers also work on many other skills. During the course of your preschooler’s year, your child will be gaining abilities in two crucial areas: independence and self-help. Your child’s self-esteem will blossom as he or she becomes successful at dressing, using the bathroom, and cleaning up after him or herself. Classroom rules are a positive way
to guide children and help them learn acceptable behavior. Constructive communication is a key factor in our classroom management. We
use positive speech, positive reinforcement, and lots of praise; we listen attentively and accept children’s feelings.

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pre-kindergarten: 4+ years

Our Pre-K program offers preparation for kindergarten as well as providing your child with the skills he or she will need in life. Your child will learn through active involvement with concrete objects and a curriculum that is filled with many fun and educational experiences. Our Pre-K
staff has been preparing students for kindergarten for years and has a reputation for providing students who leave BDC with a strong foundation for success. Letter recognition, self-help skills, sorting, and science activities, are just a sample of what your child can expect to learn as a part of our Pre-K classroom.

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